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I was able to enjoy being accompanied by Nicoleen in a channeling! To be honest, I didn't know at all what to expect at the beginning and afterwards I was even more flashed by how deep and how healing this session was! With an incredible amount of sensitivity and professionalism, Nicoleen guided me through my past, my soul, to my inner child and closer to myself for 2 hours! I can only say THANK YOU for this great session, for your being, your work and your support! Again any time!


Nicoleen, you are a very special person. Your courses and channelings are conducted with so much love and empathy. I really admire your commitment and the time you put into it. I would like to thank you again for these great journeys into other dimensions and worlds. Thank you thank you thank you


Nicoleén is a light-filled soul who serves the greater whole with devotion

Authentic, full of love and humor, she makes her skills available

I really enjoyed the trip within your closed group and can wholeheartedly recommend your work.

I bow to you dear Nicoleén. you beautiful soul If anyone is looking for miracles, they will find them with you! The "Field of Miracles" bears this name with absolute consistency. Thank you for creating and holding this space for us participants. The journey is and was deeply touching. I am still enchanted by the wonders, signs and messages that were revealed. Which were transferred into this world through you, so that they triggered exactly what should trigger it in each individual. Plenty of heart magic and heart magnetism, so our heart magnets will attract exactly what our heart desires from now and forever. In humility, absolute gratitude, happiness and love for this connection!


Nicoleén is truly a master of clear vision. A priestess of the new age. You are

deeply connected to Mother Gaia and the high dimensions of the stars, bringing light and love

into people's hearts.

Your channeling has moved me deeply. And impressed. How clear and unambiguous your pictures and the

energies that you opened up to me.

It is no ordinary channeling that you have undertaken. A channeling that is my point of view

itself has deepened and expanded. You put me back in touch with my soul brother

given and reminded me of receiving and the flow of life.

Your transmitted message "at rest and in the arms of Mother Earth, in her tree bark" the

to receive fullness of life. That was very impressive. I also got confirmation that

i don't miss anything Because my eagle gives me the foresight and provides sensory impulses when

the time is right.

Dear Nicoleén, you move through your clear being. You are a love goddess to me, one

Mermaid and a seeress of the new time. Your sight moves mountains and supports us, things

in our lives that have long been obsolete. You do this with a light and

loving nature, so that transformation and change in the Age of Phoenix are child's play.

If you want to know more about your soul, your soul essence and your true path here on earth

If you want to know, contact Nicoleén...

Nicoleén, you are a great gift to this world. Please spread yourself. Always more and more.

Spread your blossoms, your elfin being, your mermaid. Show yourself.

I celebrate you!!!

your soul sister

Suzanne Karl

The Urton Initiator

What can I say I had a session today with Nicole Aninger, and I can't believe what this girl can do, as most people know I'm very skeptical about all this but after today I'm a believer its like she has superpowers I still don't completely understand what happened to me today, but she told me things that no one knew about me, it was a complete shock my mind was completely blown by this girl not many people can make me cry, but I was so overwhelmed by my experience today (in a good way) I came out of this girls house feeling 10 stone lighter but very tired if that makes sense it was so peaceful and serene with the lovely music I have never felt more relaxed ever in my life. And her voice would take you away to another world, I highly recommend her to anyone who would like to experience even half of what I felt today.... thank you so much Nicole, I will b back to you again xx

Dear Nicoleén, I am very happy to give you feedback on this great course.

You are a very, very pleasant "teacher". You have put a lot of energy into this course over the past few weeks. I recommend everyone to take your courses. They are very powerful, full of light and healing. The fibromyalgia has gotten sooooo much better, I had so much pain every day, especially in my ankles, it's completely gone and my other pains that I had every day have almost disappeared. I have become more balanced, lighter and more loving.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your being and the effort you have made.

Thank you thank you thank you

Dear Nicoleén, what you have already brought us far surpasses everything we have experienced so far - WOW! And above all <3 thanks for that. I am very glad that you have created this course and that I am allowed to take part in it.

Feel hugged by <3. I am now enjoying the beautiful energy that has just built up.

Have a nice evening - best regards!


Dear Nicoleen,


here is my feedback today 


Thank you for the week in the Field of Miracles.

Thank you for this high-vibrating field and your very intensive guidance and support.


The meditations were sooo soothing and intense and touched me deeply and brought about change, healing and religio (reconnection) in me.

And also this wonderful manifestation exercise was so powerful. Every time it vibrated highly energetically through my whole body, golden-white tingling and I connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky and felt part of the whole.  Wow ... thank you very much also for the wonderful group in which the energy has carried us and also for your so intense, high-vibrating and deeply connected being and work -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


single session

Dear Nicoleen,

Thank you very much for this intensive, deep and also highly vibrating individual session.

Phew, it was a lot of heaviness that showed itself from my original family and ancestral line and that was now allowed to go into transformation. You supported me so deeply and perceived so clearly what the field needs... and thanks also to the wonderful spirits who accompanied us. There was so much love and magic there. After that, I really needed a few days of rest and, as you said, it then started to get easier and more joyful and I also felt more joy in relation to my femininity and there were fewer physical complaints.  

I notice that after a week I'm still very much in the process, I'm very, very grateful to you and curious about what's going on in my life in transformation and healing .

I am grateful to you from the bottom of my heart for your being and work and feel that deep down there is something in transformation.  

Dearest greetings



I would like to recommend Nicoleén to you from the bottom of my heart 💖💖💖 I got to know her at the end of last year and received the Kristallin - Energy Healing Basic Course with her and some other wonderful women 💎✨ It was a truly magical journey that still amazes me to this day shifted. As a channel medium, she travels with you into the spiritual world and installs incredible energy downloads in everyone, which lead to true transformation, self-knowledge and healing. These guided meditations and clear messages, which she receives and describes so figuratively and wonderfully, let you see everything in front of your own, spiritual eye and thus be there "live" ;) (which you are anyway :D💖)... .these encounters with the spiritual world, all the angels, dragons, ascended masters and much more. have impressed and strengthened me so much to this day that I really have to say that they are by far the most touching and powerful moments with the spiritual world for me 😊🥰💖

So if you are SEARCHING for the TRUTH, you will find it for you in this course or in one of her personal channelings 🤍

If you are looking for FREEDOM, you will get a whole lot closer to it in Nicoleén's course

If you want to feel the LOVE of the spiritual world for you and meet your SELF LOVE, then book this COURSE 😃🤍


I could now write another novel about what she has done in me and helped me on my way 💖💖💖 But highly transformative healing happens in a different way for everyone, which is why I recommend you to get your own picture of it 🥰

But I can tell you that it's easy for Nicoleén to see what your topic is ✨💎


I wish you all wonderful, enlightening moments with this beautiful soul.


With love and gratitude

Maria Fabijenna💗

Feedback and great recommendation for the "Crystalline Energy Healing Basic Course"

Nicoleén's "Crystal Energy Healing" course is a 5-week course in which you work intensively to heal important aspects of your own soul with the help of crystal energy. It includes a total of 5 meetings (which we held online) on various topics. These were "Installing the Crystalline Energy", "Meet Your Inner Woman - Meet Your Inner Man", "Your Inner Child", "Meet Your Soul's Essence" and "Meet Your Higher Self". Between the evenings there were further mediations and exercises for us, which rounded off the program.

Already on the first evening, during the "installation of the crystalline energy", it was energetically incredibly noticeable when the individual crystals were placed. It had a direct impact on my physical body, which was really busy. The guided meditation was beautiful, easy to follow and implement (this applies to every evening and also to the meditations between appointments).

The next day I felt that there was a lot of movement - I call it "raising". It took my body about half a day to deal with it and balance itself out. But this was the only moment when I had to struggle with physical ailments. For what happened in the coming weeks on the other evenings, it was more than worth it!

The guided meditations that we received from Nicoleén to carry out between the weekly appointments were always thematically coordinated with the previous evening and thus helped us to deepen, practice and "feel" the topics further.

With all other topics, too, I was shown a great many pictures of the spiritual world each time - it became more and more intense. I could feel everything so strongly. I always felt calmer, more peaceful, more balanced and just full of love in my heart. It was a beautiful path, on which I came closer and closer to myself and was able to recognize and understand more and more. It is very difficult to put these feelings and experiences into words - because there are no words that do it justice.

Nicoleén is incredibly insightful and explains everything very well. She was always there for questions and put a lot of effort into preparing for the various topics. There was a lot of additional information, card readings or rituals and connection exercises in between. The script with the explanations and all their channelings is really great and very helpful. I could always feel her guiding and helpful hand throughout the whole process, she always provided the right framework, support and orientation.

In short, she is someone who gives with all her heart and loves her work. That is transmitted, you can feel it every moment. I am so grateful that I was allowed to participate and that Nicoleén accompanied me here! I will definitely be there for the sequel.

Here is another description of an experience when we met our inner child, which I then shared with the other participants

Today was the journey of my life for me...

I felt - like never before - such incredible strong and beautiful energy! It started immediately at the beginning of the meditation and I was initially irritated that Nicoleén hesitated at the beginning - when entering the room and the invitation to our higher self.

At first I thought she forgot me, but then my name came... with an astonished "aha" afterwards. After that evening I asked her what was going on... She explained to me that my higher self was not there, but that my high priestess had entered the room. I was speechless, because that's exactly what I noticed myself - but I didn't "trust" it at first.

I didn't see myself throughout the meditation, but my High Priestess. I was shown that I am her and that I am allowed to see myself as a high priestess... I had very strong heart palpitations (but not unpleasant) and so much happiness during the whole journey.

Apollo and Maria Magdalena gave me such beautiful goosebumps and St. Germain shows itself to me - as it has often done before meditations, during which I received a great deal. In the past, a lightbulb and a glass shattered. So it was clear to me that something special was coming, something with a clear and concise message.

The door that I then walked through with my inner child did not lead me to a new room, but to a flower meadow. It was all so bright and full of love. I danced and laughed with my inner child. I rode across the meadow on a unicorn as a high priestess, accompanied by my inner child and a white dove. We came to a golden pyramid. Upon entering - with my inner child by my side - I was almost overwhelmed. I have never seen anything so beautiful. The whole walls were covered with rainbow colored crystals. I sat on the floor and took my inner child's hands in mine. Then a swan appeared between us, spreading its wings, which then turned into a great white angel. Then I was shown an icon. It looked like a V with a downward crescent positioned about the lower third over the V. After that, my inner child said to me - "remember now" - "why didn't you want to do this before?"...

It presented me with a golden sphere that emanated a brilliant white light around it.

That brought so much love to my heart...

After that a huge purple lotus flower unfolded over my crown chakra and out of the lotus flower came the trident of Shiva or Neptune (I can't tell exactly) and rose up.

Afterwards my cosmic parents came and said to me, you come (or have been for a long time) from the planet Sirius - one of your tasks is healing...

I can't even put into words the beauty of all these pictures, there were so many more details to see. Something in me is different now, I'm curious how it will continue.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Nicoleén. I thank all our lightful companions and ascended masters!



I was allowed to be part of the first Crystalline Energy Workshop last year. It was just beautiful and magical. The energies were absolutely palpable. I always looked forward to next Thursday. Led by the wonderful Nicoleén  who has such an absolutely strong connection in such a heartful group of amazing women. Everyone felt safe and taken care of. Healing, reconnection and transformation were truly allowed to happen. So I can highly recommend it to anyone whose soul is in resonance. An'anasha.


Nicoleén is very thorough and holistic in her personal channelings with clients. In a preliminary talk, she finds out what the client's beliefs are and does an energetic/mental and physical analysis in advance.

In channeling, she allows herself to be fully guided by the beings of light and can thus tackle profound issues at their roots. My issue was physical. My emotional stumbling blocks, my recurring anger and the constant contradictions in my life also came to light. The topics were allowed to be looked at, solved and healed, integrated. A positive, coherent conclusion emerged, which I now carry in my heart. She recorded the sound of the channeling and so I was able to listen to the topic again later and record her tips again, which I am of course happy to implement.

Three weeks later I can assure her that my inexplicable tantrums are gone, I have fewer bumps in everyday life and I can now rely on my impulses. I am convinced that my body is now recovering without these constant tantrums and that the whole thing is harmonizing. I'm already seeing signs of relief! I can recommend it to anyone who wants to move forward and look at and solve recurring issues. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Nicoleén, for your authentic loving work and being.


Liebe Nicoleen,

ich habe dich auf youtube gefunden und gleich hat es gefunkt bei mir. Dann habe ich mich sofort angemeldet zu einem InnerLight Circle oder so etwas...(ich weiß den Namen nicht mehr) und es hat einen großen Satz in mir gemacht. So nahe wie da, war die Geistige Welt gefühlt noch nie bei mir in diesem Leben. Sie ist natürlich immer bei mir, aber ich konnte das so gut wahrnehmen mit dir zusammen. Es wurde mir heiß, aber vor allem auch kalt, ich hatte Dauer-Freuden- und Rührungs-Tränen beim ersten Mal und auch oft die Male danach und ich bin immer ganz ganz glücklich und selig, wenn ich dabei sein darf. Es hat mich sehr erhoben und geklärt mit dir in Kontakt zu kommen. Ich bin mir selbst nahe gekommen. Ich kenne zwar das Gefühl einen Darshan (indischer Segen eines Meisters) live zu bekommen und so Gott sehr nahe zu sein, aber so eine Begegnung mit den verschiedenen geistigen Wesen und meinem eigenen Team hatte ich zuvor noch kommt mir wie ein Wunder vor, dass ich dich gefunden habe. Auch die vielen Themen, die wir in so kurzer Zeit zusammen anschauen konnten, sind enorm...Oft kommt es mir so vor, als hätte ich bzw. meine Seele nur auf dich gewartet und diese Schritte zu gehen. Ich habe viel Vertrauen zu dir und in deine Fähigkeiten, das ist wohl das Wichtigste, wenn man zusammen geistig arbeitet. Es macht mir so viel Freude mit dir und den Gruppenteilnehmern oder auch im 1:1 allein mit dir verbunden zu sein, so dass ich gar nicht genug davon bekommen kann. Ich selbst muss erst noch lernen alleine mit der geistigen Welt zu sprechen und sie zu fühlen und da ich selbst das noch nicht so gut kann, was daran liegt, dass ich mich nicht traue und mir nicht ganz traue, bin ich sehr sehr dankbar, dass es dich in meinem Leben gibt. Ich habe die Hoffnung, dass durch unsere Zusammenarbeit mein Herz so weit aufgeht und ich so weit gestärkt werde, dass ich dann auf eigenen Beinen stehen kann. Erste Schritte dahin mache ich schon.

Was hat sich alles ereignet, seit wir uns kennen? Ich habe mein Höheres Selbst (Hohe Priesterin) mehrfach innerlich gesehen, ich habe eine Reise nach InnerErde machen können und mich so wohl dort gefühlt bei der großen Mutter...ich war an Orten und zu Zeiten, die ich mir nicht erträumt hätte (oder vielleicht doch?), in Avalon, in Atlantis, in Lemurien, im Weltall.... Du bist einfach so eine magische himmlische Reiseführerin und es regnet spirituelle Geschenke im Überfluss, wenn man sich an deine Versen hängt. Ich traue seither meinen inneren Bildern mehr und glaube mehr an mich und meine Hellsinne. Ich habe den Glauben an Drachen, Einhörner, Feen, Elben, Zwerge...Engel, Starseeds vertieft und lasse mich noch mehr darauf ein. Ich habe Heilenergien empfangen, die mich in mir sicherer gemacht und bestimmt auch geheilt haben. Nicht immer zeigt sich alles auch gleich auf der Körperebene...das kommt aber noch, glaube ich. Ich war jetzt schon zwei Mal bei den Lichtfrequenztagen dabei und habe meine Seelenfamilie getroffen - Menschen, die mir ähnlich sind und das gleiche Ziel haben. Ein Freudenfest der Extra Klasse und ich war dabei! Juhu. Ich habe die Angst vor Gott und dem Tod weiter schrumpfen lassen, seit wir uns kennen. Ich habe Irina als Freundin (wieder)gefunden. Ich fühle mich Zuhause bei und mit den Gruppenteilnehmern. Und jetzt noch etwas Besonderes: ich habe als Kind öfters mal von meinem Vater einen "Dämpfer" bekommen, um es mal charmant zu sagen. Eine Sache war diese: Als Teenager stand ich vor dem großen Spiegel und sah mich an und fand mich schön...da kam er recht grob von hinten und meinte ich solle ja nicht affig sein und sofort vom Spiegel weggehen..da bin ich dann nicht mehr vor dem Spiegel gestanden oder nur noch mit schlechtem Gewissen. Und jedes Mal, wenn ich dich sehe und deine Videos und wie schön du geschminkt bist...dann bekomme ich wieder Mut dort weiter zu machen, bevor mein Vater mich gestoppt hat. Bzw. ich habe mich ja selbst gestoppt, und er war das Werkzeug im Außen. Ich möchte es dir gleichtun und mich wieder schön finden, wieder stolz auf mich sein, auch auf mich als Frau, auch auf mein Äußeres...Jedes mal, wenn ich dich sehe, dann bekomme ich Lust mich zu lieben - und alle meine Körper. 

Ich habe als Kind gerne viel Zeit in der Natur verbracht und auch auf meine Weise "Zeremonien" dort gemacht oder Bäume umarmt...auch da kann ich mit dir wieder anknüpfen. Bu bist sehr nahbar und freundlich und es herrschen keine Barrieren oder ist sehr leicht mir dir verbunden zu sein und sehr angenehm. Bei dir habe ich nie das Gefühl, dass du mich verletzen wirst oder dass du streng zu mir bist oder schlecht von mir denkst. Bei dir fühle ich mich angenommen. Von dieser Basis aus ist so viel möglich. Von dir kann ich lernen leicht zu sein und offen. Ich kann lernen zu vertrauen, vor allem mir selbst. Ich habe meinen Drachen dank dir näher kennengelernt, das war so ein Highlight, als er durch dich zu mir sprach. Das werde ich nie vergessen, ich habe alles Wort für Wort nieder geschrieben....Ich weiß, dass ich noch viel von dir lernen kann und freue mich schon so sehr auf alles Weitere. Seit ich dich kenne jagen sich die Highlights, was toll ist. Ich habe immer sehr gewissenhaft alles in Tagebüchern aufgeschrieben, mitlerweile komme ich kaum nach, all das Wundervolle aufzuschreiben, weil ständig neues Wunder-volles dazu kommt. Du hilfst mir an mich zu glauben, an meine wahre Größe, an mein Christselbst und an die Wahrheit, jenseits aller Illusionen. Mit dir zusammen erschließen sich tausende von Welten. Mit dir geht das Abenteuer Leben richtig los.

Dein Buch ist auch ein großer Segen für mich, es war zwar seltsam es zu lesen, weil ich sofort nach jedem Satz nicht mehr wusste, was ich gelesen hatte, aber es hat mir sehr gut getan und tut mir noch gut, denn es ist ein Schmusebuch geworden, das ich abends auf mein Herz lege, um seine Energie zu spüren und aufzunehmen. 

Liebe Nicoleen, von Herzen vielen vielen Dank für alles.

Liebevolle Grüße von Birgit

Guten Morgen Nicoleén, 


vielen Dank für die gestrige Auralesung. Die Lesung hat mich tief berührt.


Dafür, dass es sich um eine Lesung meiner Aura handelte, befürchtete ich ursprünglich, dass der Inhalt eher vage, generell oder mit Raum für Deutungen wäre. 

Es war das Gegenteil, was mir persönlich mehr zusagt. Sehr pragmatisch und konkret. 

Und unglaublich spannend. 


Die Dir übermittelten Informationen von meiner Mama, von meinen geistigen Begleitern zu Lebensumständen in meiner Kindheit waren einfach so, wie sie waren.  

Deren Auswirkungen auf meinen Lebenslauf durfte ich wohl in der Lesung erstmals verstehen. 

Dafür, dass ich dann die Themen zurückgeben durfte, die nicht zu mir gehören, empfinde ich viel Dank und ein Gefühl von Befreiung. Es ist etwas zum Abschluss zu kommen. 


Ich werde mir innere Ruhe gönnen und auf die Anerkennung und Achtung meines Selbst konzentrieren.  


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