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My vocation is my mission, vision & passion!

I am a channel medium, spiritual coach for personal development & expansion of consciousness.

I feel a deep humility and gratitude towards my work and especially towards my soulmates.

With every session, with every soul communication, the soul shows what it needs to strengthen inner balance.


I bow to the inner strength, to the inner light.

I bow to the inner wisdom.

Because the inner light always knows the answer.


In a 1:1 channelling

you enter into a dialogue with your soul. You give yourself and all beings of light a space to listen to, feel and integrate the message of your soul.

In this process of total opening, you allow yourself to receive miracles. 


Everything comes from you, from your essence. To be whole means to be whole. 

Everything comes from your original source. 


You are not molded, pulled or coached. No! It is your individual soul process.

Your sacred development.

your soul development.

You are guided, guided by your soul and I can accompany you in mindfulness and humility.

What luck.

Nicoleén Maela  (Video) (Mobile Video).jpg


what is my vision

What is the motive for all my actions?


It's love

The love for me

the love for you

love for mother earth

this wonderful world.


I carry a vision in my heart.

I dream of a world that loves.

A world that understands that we all come from the same origin.

We are one.

Connected to the pulse of the earth.

I dream of a heart culture.


My mission is

Leaving traces of love and 

to be part of a new earth.

There is my home.

there you will find me

I am here.

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